Star2Star Communications

New Partner

Exciting news !!!

CX computer Exchange just joined hands with a stellar Business Phone service provider Star2Star. No matter what your business need, size, or industry type, Star2Star delivers reliable Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions customized for your environment. Explore the possibilities.

As an Installing Partner of Start 2 Star, CX Computer Exchange will not only be presenting new solutions but also installing the new state of the art business phone systems.

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CX Computer Exchange Website Version 2.0

Since our business started over 20 years ago website has practically been unchanged. Today’s internet audiences deserve and expect more from businesses when they are visiting their websites. With features such as social media integration, online shopping, and contact forms for easily communicating with the business. With all of these new features in mind we decided to keep moving forward and now our company has redesigned our website from the ground up with a new fully responsive web design that can be gracefully experienced on any device with an internet browser.

We invite you to take a look around and enjoy our new website. It’s our hope that version 2.0 of is a place you will come to often. As the IT Solutions Company for all your needs, we look forward to doing business with you. If you have any comments, questions, and/or suggestions for website improvement; we look forward to hearing from you.