Data Backup Services
It's Always Good To Keep Backups Of Your Digital Life
When you need to make a backup of all of your documents, music, videos, and more. Come to us and we will make the job of backing up your digital life an easy task.
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Data Transfer Services
Let Us Restore Backups Of Your Digital Life For You
Transferring your digital life over to someplace new is not always an simple task. Let our IT Solutions Ninjas do the job of transferring your data and know that it got there safe and sound.
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Virus & Malware Removal
We Have The Cure No Matter How Sick Your Computer Is
Whether you suspect you have a virus, or you suspect that your computer has been infected. We have the tools and resources to remove the infections to restore everything back to full health.
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In-Store Diagnostic
Come To Us To Figure Out What's Wrong With Your Technologies
Is your computer just not working as well as it used to and you have no clue why? Don't worry, come into our store and we will do our best to discover how to fix it.
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On-Site Diagnostic
We Come To You To Find The Solution Your IT Problems
Whenever the computers are down, the printers are jammed, and nothing seems to be working like it used to; don't worry. Our It Solutions Ninjas can drive out to your location to get your IT technologies up and running gracefully.
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Tablet Repair Diagnostic
It's Not Dead Yet It's Just A Flesh Wound
Don't throw that Tablet away just yet. Bring it into our store and let us take a look at it to see if it is worth being repaired. As long as it is isn't damaged beyond repair, we will do our best to fix it so it is almost good as new.
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Warranty Repairs
Official Service Care Providers For Warranty Repairs
Official Warranty Repair Services for Apple, Dell, and HP products. If your IT Technologies are still under warranty, we are professionally trained and certified to find solutions that can fix many issues with your hardware.
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Managed IT Services
Let Us Manage Your Technologies To Keep Them Running Smoothly
With over 20 years of experience in maintaining the many technologies that make work possible. Our business specializes in offering superior services and has an interest in building long lasting relationships with our clients.
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